Jinshun Rubber Plastic
Significance of R & d:
Rubber is only one material of high elasticity,which is one important material for human use. It belong organic polymer, so it has common of this material: such as low density, good insulation, not easy to be acid corrosion, low permeability to fluid, but its strength is relatively low, the hardness is poor, not  wear- resisting, low aging resistance,so rubber formula design will of paramount importance.Jin Shun have our own rubber research and development center,with experienced professional team, can design rubber formula for a variety of rubber products (such as rubber hose, rubber roller, conveyor belt, shock absorber, seal and tire etc.) ,and also design fuction formulat according to the different request of property physical(such as oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, flexure resistance, air tightness, ozone resistance, acid and basic resistance and so on) .

Purpose of R & d:
1 control of raw materials: to effectively grasp the quality of raw materials, reduce the potential risk;
2 failure analysis: find the root cause of the problem in the shortest time, issue a solution;
3 rubber formula improvement: shorten the research and development cycle, to find the direction of effective improvement;
4 cost control: to maintain product performance, reduce product cost, improve market competitiveness;
5 new product development: reduce the risk of R & D, and promote the development process.